Book 2

Book 2

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“Drought and hardship, Daniel and the Devil, all the same!” Lucy Tressler screams at the beady eyed sparrow sitting on the fence of her withered garden. Daniel bragged, “Control the water and you control everything.” The soil and her life has turned to hard pan in the heat of the summer’s battle. Dry powder sifts up her legs, white on her skirt, pale dust in her eyes, and not enough tears left to wash it away. Lucy surveys the empty yard where her children should be playing, and whispers, “Gone! The children are gone, my home, gone, and Jim, I’ve lost Jim.” The Of Men and Horses series by Western Artist and Historian, Dawn Newland, is the culmination of 10 years research on the life and times of Lucy Tressler Thornhill. Crazy Woman Creek picks up where A Dead Hard Country left Lucy lying beaten and thrown to “thee range dawgs” by a ruthless husband. Publicly and erroneously accused of being Lucy’s paramour, the notorious outlaw, Kid Curry disappears and, in his stead, younger brother John steps up as a most unlikely savior. Fate plays its cruel hand as the stoic and stalwart James Thornhill stands in the shadows waiting to pick up all of the pieces of the shattered lives. In book two you are brought face to face with the tragedies and indomitable character of a woman fighting to live among the wildest of the wild in early Montana.

Written By Dawn Newland.

Hard Back.

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