Book 3

Book 3

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Jim Thornhill drawled, “Our old friend, Charlie Russell, was right when he said we seen Montana at her best and we witnessed her death.” Jim looked at Kid Curry and lamented sadly, “Now, it’s happening to Arizona, Pard. The stockman’s days are numbered and we will never outride time’s cruel slaughter.”

Kid laughed, “I believe we got us a chore to take care of then, before time does what the law never could.”

The Of Men and Horses series by Western Artist and Historian, Dawn Newland, is based on years of research on the life of Lucy Tressler Thornhill and the men she loved. Book 2, Crazy Woman Creek, left Lucy facing life alone on the Montana prairie.

Arizona Tough, book 3 in the series, finds Lucy ranching in Arizona with her second husband Jim Thornhill, and three nearly-grown sons. It is 1920 and America’s industrial revolution has steamrolled over the once romanticized lives of the true open range cattlemen. A fast-paced, post WWI economy forces bank foreclosures on most of the area ranches. Dreams crumble. Jim is forced away from home as he struggles to gather the mortgaged cattle from the canyon lands. Can he save a vanishing way of life? Can Kid Curry’s return spare his lifelong friends from financial ruin? Lucy vows to stay on the remote ranch until Jim comes home for good. Can she withstand the hardship and loneliness of waiting? Will she be forced to watch another man she loves die trying to save a ranch?

Written By Dawn Newland.

Hard Back.

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