Book 4

Book 4

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Lucy Thornhill is as hot as the Arizona sun.

Jim Thornhill has picked up his guns again.

By 1924, Arizona’s expansive rangelands are grazed into red dust, the waterholes and springs dry. Thornhill, a bone-seasoned stockman trails outlaws along the Mogollon Rim. Weary from days of heat and bad water, he pauses outlined against a high and cloudless sky. His mind drifts back to a young trailblazer in Montana; once a vanguard to the vast northbound herds, now an old Arizona cow man, chasing modern-day cow thieves.

The sprawling 350,000 acre Cross S Cattle Company is under fire: government restrictions; bank foreclosures; border rustlers; the partner, a once trusted friend, playing Judas while Jim and Lucy Thornhill’s sons are forced off the family spread to find work.

Stalwart by necessity, erect by sheer will, Lucy Thornhill leans against the doorframe of her adobe house waiting on dawn, waiting on Jim. She recalls the quarrel when she accused him of loving the land more than her. Tears of regret wash her face. The home spring is dry and now, the pumas have moved in from Tonto Basin.

Come The Fall, book four in the historical series Of Men and Horses, brings to life the steadfast character of the men and women who brought this country through the Great Depression.

Written By Dawn Newland.

Hard Back.

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